September Wrap-Up + Favorites

I started this post about 8 times now…Wrap up posts are so boring… especially when you’re like me & have only read 3 books this month. I mean if you follow me on social media you can see what I’m reading. I need to get better are writing reviews… They’re my least favorite thing to write about…(If you have any tips or ideas on things I could do on the blog..please share them with me in the comments!)
With that said…I’m going to mix it up a bit and turn these Wrap Ups into kind of Monthly Favorites. There’s a lot you guys do not know about me and I don’t like that. I want us to have a sort of relationship and we cant do that if we don’t know each other! On that note.. here’s whats been going on  in September.

Cassandra Clare released the full story of #Jessa and OMG IT WAS MAGICAL! SO FUCKING GORGEOUS I CANNOT EVEN.

If you haven’t read After the Bridge it does kind of contain spoilers for both Internal Devices and The Mortal Instruments so read both of those first then you can read it HERE

Since I am back at school… I have been doing a crap load of Non Fiction reading and that comes with a shit ton of homework. I am the kind of person that NEEDS music when writing or doing homework so it is a MUST or else I get completely distracted… I’ve been obsessed with Spotify Mood Playlists…

So I downloaded the Spotify app on my phone. Its completely free btw… You just go to browse and there is a ton of  Lists like Mood, Party, Pop, Workout, Focus, Sleep, Chill, Club… etc.. you get the idea.. My favorite is Mood.. so I click on that and it has a ton of Playlists depending on your mood. Its brilliant… Your Favorite Coffee House is my favorite because I usually go to coffee bean to study and they have the perfect music to study to. So When I am at home studying I like to have that setting. Its brilliant trust me!

First book Finished this month was Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead.
This book took me FOREVER to finish!!! I’m not sure why.. because the  story is actually quite interesting.

Last Minute Beach Trip is always a good Idea!

I took a trip to the beach with my sister & nephews after I got out of work. We made it just in time to catch the sunset! It was truly spectacular and so inspirational! I hardly ever go to the beach which is mind boggling because I live only 20 minutes from it! Its one of my favorite places ever! Its good to just take some time to get away for a while, take your mind off things and just appreciate life. We didn’t plan on getting in the water but.. it is the beach after all so why not have a little dip.

Friends are pretty awesome to have. But like.. REALLY great friends.. not acquaintances not people who are “friends” with you on FB but the people you talk to about your life..the people you share the good the bad the struggles the successes… The people you complain to and they don’t judge you… those are friends.. I am lucky to have a handful of FRIENDS. & I am really grateful to have 3 of these Friends be Fangirls! They truly understand why I spend my time reading books till 4 am and why fictional characters mean so much to me… they understand why I sleep on the sidewalks overnight for an event…in fact… they join me. Some people think its weird that were all different ages but when were together it doesnt feel like it…we pretty much have the same mindset and we learn from each other and thats all that matters. We spent a few days together just being silly, going to Disneyland and comforting each other and It was really beautiful. Never take your friends for granted.

I came home one day and there was a package at my door…Turns out I won an Arc of 100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith. I DIED! I received an E-Arc earlier this year & I must say it was brilliant.. Andrew Smith has become one of my favorite Authors and I will never not read his books. Also.. His covers are my favorite!

Its true guys… I have a little problem with youtube… But more recently I’ve been obsessed with Fun For Louis. I’ve been following him for a while now but this past month I noticed I look forward to watching his vlogs everyday. He does daily vlogs about his life, his adventures.. its so inspiring. I really connect with his videos because he shares some of the same passions as me. I love Traveling & Photography… about 3 years ago my camera was stolen…it took me a while to save up for that camera.. it was pretty fancy. Since then I have been really discouraged and distanced myself from that whole community. But watching Louis videos and seeing his photos on Instagram have helped re spark my passion for photography and really inspire me to travel again.I use to travel every winter & summer break when I was younger. I love culture. All types of cultures.. I am quite curious and I would really like to get back out there and experience life. Pee.s Louis is quite gorgeous…I’ll admit I appreciate his looks.

The Maze Runner came out this month and I got to see with my Parabatai for the lovely price of $5 YAAAS! I love my Theater! Every Tuesday & Thursday is $5 Movie day.  I must say I enjoyed the movie WAAAAAY More than I did the book. I give the book like a 3 of 5 stars and the movie was easily a 5 star. LOVED IT!

I finished reading Last Sacrifice which means I have read the whole Vampire Academy series and I have moved on to Bloodlines. As a whole I give VA a solid 3 stars… which means I enjoyed it but I didn’t love it. I started Bloodlines and already I love it WAY more than VA. I found Silver Shadows for $10 at my local used book store and I died. I HAD to get it… it was the only book missing out of the series and now I have it… Once I’m done reading Non Fiction I will be diving into this series.

Remember when I said that I love Andrew Smiths Book Covers… Check this one out… I cannot even begin to explain my excitement for this book.

I picked up The Key to The Golden FireBird  by Maureen Johnson. Fun Fact: 13 Little Blue Envelopes/Last Little Blue Envelope is my favorite book duology, if not my favorite book ever. I felt comfort diving into one of Maureen Johnsons contemporaries. Her Humor is my favorite thing ever. I loved the main character I loved the story, I loved the sister bonding, I love that baseball was apart of the story.. It really felt like this story was something that actually happened when I was younger. I Loved it.

I received this lovely book in the mail… ISN’T THE COVER SO GORGEOUS? I will be taking part in the AfterParty Blog Tour… So far I am enjoying the book.  I cannot wait to tell you about all the things when I am done.. also.. I’m pretty sure there will be a giveaway happening.. ;)

If you have not read the Selection series… please scroll pass this.. because this does contain spoilers…. I’ve warned you.

The other day I received a text from my parabatai… Yea… she said… have you checked out SelectionSeries SnapChat?? uhhh WTF they have a snap chat?? so I go on SC and I see this…. Here is my reaction..

THEY HAVE TWINS!!! WTF!!! THE HEIR IS PLURAL!!! Now.. let me tell you about my love for this series….

Me after the first book.

Then the second.

& the Third.

I may have had a few panic attacks while reading this trilogy.. and I fucking love it!

My favorite band is going on tour….. & I AM GOING TO SEE THEM!!!!! My ticket arrived an I am beyond ecstatic. YAAAAS! Its been about 2 years since I’ve seen Circa Survive and I’ve been having withdraws… TWO MONTHS!!!

Cassandra won Knotts Scary Farm Tickets… So we went.. & well… this happened… It was beautiful… It wasn’t Scary just… very very weird.. but a lot of fun!

Emma Watson Gave a speech about gender equality… you can watch that HERE
Its basically everything I believe in… then yesterday I read this article…the author… a 15 year old boy  and I am speechless… HES 15! Read it HERE

Lastly… I recently bought two major kitchen appliances… a juicer & a Food Processor… I recently went back to being full vegan… I was vegan for about 5 months but the last two months or so I went vegetarian and I just didn’t feel good about myself. I started breaking out again, my skin felt really dry, my energy was crap… so I went back to  vegan and these past 2 weeks I’ve been cleaning out my system..juicing and eating a crap load of fruits and veggies.. Its my new favorite thing. I feel so much better already. I’m focused, energized and my body just feels amazing.

Two of my favorite shows have come back to TV & I couldn’t be more happy. Greys Anatomy and Revenge had great first episodes… I cannot wait for the story to unfold.. SO MUCH DRAMA!!! Also.. beautiful men.. Beautiful Men..

But really… My month has mostly looked like this…











Book Bargain Hunting

Being a Fangirl is expensive. PERIOD! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to a book store with the intention to buy only one book and left with 4 or five books in my hand . Its not until I get home that I remember I have bills to pay and shit like that. Its not that I regret my book binge, it just means my phone bill wont get paid till the following pay day and may or may not be turned off temporarily.

I’ve been more conscious when buying books and have gotten pretty darn good at bargain shopping.
So here are a few tips on how to save money when buying books.

Used book stores

Used book stores are magical! Seriously. I know they are hard to find but once you find one near you it becomes your new favorite place. There is a used book store near my house. Only a few blocks up and all the books are Half off the regular priced books. I bought a Really gorgeous hard cover copy of The Lost Hero for only $5!

& inside was this really awesome patch just hanging out between the pages.

Here is another mini haul $5 each.

My favorite thing about my local used book store is the massive “Fire Sale”. They hold this sale every major holiday. The hardcover books are priced at $2 and the paper backs are $1. The Young Adult and Children books are $1 for hardcover and 50 cents for Paperback. WHAT A DEAL RIGHT? There is also a sale section with books priced at 50 cents-25 cents. &&&&.. on top of the cheap sticker price… the first 100 people in line get $5 off their purchase and they receive a pretty awesome tote bag. You know I want that Tote bag… & the $5 off is quite nice too.
Here is a few book hauls from the sales.

The bottom ones are from the library.

I paid $6 for these books

$5!!!! Guys.. $5 for all these books. I even bought some for my nephews.

& here is my most recent Haul from Labor day. I paid a total of $14.50.

These are just some examples of the things you can find at your local used book store.  Its really all hit or miss. Sometimes they have really great books for cheap and sometimes there is nothing.  Also.. if you are really particular about the condition of the books this may not be the best place since most books are used.


My local library has 2 racks full of books they sell.  Of course they are not always in great condition but they are very cheap. Again this is a hit or miss but it never hurts to look through them right? Especially if you’re already visiting.

I found this copy of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for only $1.

I went to a Book Swap hosted at the Pasadena Library and came home with this haul.
Basically people bring their books & lay them out on the table & then its like the Cornucopia in THG & you just grab what you want lol ;) very dangerous. BUT A LOT OF FUN! & its FREE!!! See if your local Library does something similar.. if not maybe suggest it or get a few book nerds together and host your own.

Here is another look at the very dangerous Book Swap.

Online Shopping

This is probably the best option for you picky book owners. Because you can find new books in great condition for really cheap. Online shopping is DANGEROUS!!!!Don’t even get me started on Ebay. Especially from private sellers. Because I have found complete sets of series for very very cheap. Walmart, Target, B&N all have a private sellers sections…I found a paper back series of Narnia for $2!!!! and the shipping was only like $3. You cannot go wrong with that.. Again these books are not always in great condition but just read the description before you check out. Most of the time if you buy a certain amount of books from one seller you get free shipping.
Also.. AMAZON PRIME IS MAGICAL! I think we can all agree that Amazon is already really REALLY cheap.. but when you get Amazon Prime.. you automatically get free 2 day shipping.. DUDES THE BOOK COMES TO YOU IN 2 DAYS!  And if you are a college student you get 50% off. You just need to register with your college email.

Thrift Stores/Yard Sales/Flea Markets Oh My?

 Another hit or miss but you know what they say “One mans trash is another mans treasure.”  or some shit like that. ahahaha I really enjoy going thrift shopping anyway so going through a book pile is so much fun for me.. I’ve found some really cool books for only 10 cents each. BARGAIN!! Yard sales are a lot of fun but you do have to wake up quite early… whats that one saying… “early bird gets the worm.” yea that one. 6AM early. There is an app called Yard Sale Treasure Map that is synced with Craigs list and finds local Yard/Garage/Estate sales near you and in the description it tells you what they have available that way you do not waste your time. It also maps out your route. Speaking of Craigs list…. Its full of BOOKS!!!

I found an Insurgent book Listed for $5!



When all else fails.. GOOGLE!!! GOOGLE is my best friend.. I have no idea what I would do without GOOGLE… GOOGLE doesn’t judge you. Its beautiful… So… just GOOGLE.

If you have any other tips on bargain hunting for books please leave your suggestions in the comments below!!!


August Wrap Up

I’ve read very little this month so I thought I would keep this post Short & Sweet. #MiniReview?

Opposition (Lux #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Weakest book in the series. I wasn’t invested as much as I would have liked to be. Most of the time I was pushing myself to read it so it can just be over. It was a reasonable ending. I was just REALLY BORED. Also… The Epilogue was RIDICULOUS! JLA could have done SOOO much more! The smutty scenes were a bit annoying. I love Lux as a series.. but this book was kind of a disappointment. BUT not as bad as COHF!

Overall 3.5/5 Stars

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

THIS BOOK!!! This book defines pure beauty. I have no Idea why decided to put this book off for so long… Also I thought I was spoiled going into the book… turns out.. I WASN’T SPOILED!!! EVERYTHING WAS EXTRAORDINARILY STUNNING! Best ending to a series EVER! Infernal Devices is in my top 5 favorite book series! Never have I felt so many feels.

5/5 Starts

Fucking Cassandra Clare….What went wrong with COHF?

The Spiral Arm Ep 3 by Peter Boland

 I cant put my finger on it… but I really enjoy this story!
I love Wren, I love Space… I love Wren In Space.

4/5 Stars

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead


I have about 200 pages left &….

WHATS WRONG WITH ME??? I cannot get into the story.

But who knows.. my book moods are on crack.

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM & TWITTER!!! As I’ve said before.. my life is kind of crazy busy… I am still trying to figure out this whole time management thing but I am constantly on IG & Twitter so follow me there & see what I’ve been up to!

Here is my recent Used Book Store Haul!!!
I spent a total of $14.50!!!

Until Next time loves!


I work, I read, I fangirl.

GUYS!!!!! I have risen from the dead!!! I found myself laying in bed with nothing to do & then I was like.. I HAVE A BLOG!
& I’d thought I’d update you. So here’s whats been happening the past 2 months.


Its still peak season so I’m working at least 5 days a week.
NBD.. the worst part is that I take the bus… so it takes me about an hour & a half to get to work… #TheStruggleIsReal. So mostly I’m like…

But after work I’m like…

& by the time I get home I’m like…

So most of my reading takes place on the bus.

Me reading on the bus…


Here is what I’ve read in the past 2 months.

Me trying to read everything….

The Prince by Kiera Cass

Shadow & Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

The Giver by Lois Lowry

100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

What I’m Currently Reading:

Opposition (Lux #5)

The Spiral Arm (Ep3)

also…I’ve bought soooo many books these past months that my shelf is like…

I Fangirl:

& here are some fangirl adventures I had these past two months.

Disney day!!!

MY FACE DOE! #NotImpressed

Went to a Nerd concert & Met HANK GREEN!

We celebrated books! & met Belle!

Other than that I’ve been watching Bobs Burgers every night before I go to bed… seriously.. Tina is my spirit animal.

Tomorrow Is Fangirl Beach Day!!!! & Friday I will be meeting Gayle Forman & Getting my books SIGNED!!!
& thats my life.. you know what I mean?

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