20 Tips To Get You Out Of That Reading Slump

Today I want to talk about…. reading slumps….Ewww…I know, I know.. Its a readers worst nightmare. But I happen to find myself one every few months and It got me thinking about what I do to get out of them. So Here are a few tips I have for getting out of a reading slump.


  1. Change Genre
    Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.. if you’ve been reading too much Dystopian or Sci-Fi maybe change it up with a Romance or Contemporary. A lot of times this is the cure to my slump. Cheesy Contemporary Romance is my favorite.
  2. Step out of comfort zone
    I tend to read a lot of YA and sometimes its good to get out of my comfort zone and read some “Adult” books or Classics…. even some anime or poetry. Mix it up a little you know what I mean?
  3. Watch A Movie/Adaptation
    One of my favorite movies to watch is Stuck In Love, Because its about a family of writers and its about love and its kind of cheesy but beautiful at the same time and it inspires me to pick up a book right after watching. It also stars Lily Collins who played Clary in The Mortal Instruments, Logan Lerman who played Percy Jackson & Charlie in Perks of Being a Wallflower and Nat Wolff who plays Issac in TFIOS .  Also, Watching a movie adaptation can be very helpful.. it gets you back into that world in a short period of times. &  if its part of a series you will want to pick up the next book and finish off the series. Pee.s Did I tell you that Stuck in Love in on Netflix??? No.. Well it is.. so go watch it.. its beautiful.
  4. Listen to music
    I cannot listen to music while reading.. I get distracted and start singing.But I do listen to instrumental music while reading. Especially when I am trying to finish a book. Usually I put on Spotify or Rhapsody and I listen to classical music like Beethoven but I also listen to more modern music like Explosions in the sky.  LOVE EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY. Sometimes their whole album is up on YouTube and Ill let that play while I read. Its really cool to have background music to your story… kind of like a movie.
  5. Use a different Medium
    I flip flop with reading Ebooks to actual physical books. When I’m in a really bad slump I listen to audiobooks. Sometimes you need to mix it up. A change of scenery. I usually listen to audiobooks when I’m cleaning or in the car or when I’m working on a huge craft project… something that will take hours to complete and does not require much thought.
  6. Re read
    Re reading a favorite book can help you get out of that reading slump. Every now and then I’ll find myself thinking a lot about a story.. for example right now I cannot stop thinking about FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell.. Something about that book.. Idk but I find myself thinking about it often. Also Winger by Andrew Smith.. that book never quite leaves me.. It always pops up from time to time. But you can always re read a favorite like Harry Potter… My favorite is Order of The Phoenix.
  7. Watch bookTube
    I am a HUGE YouTube Junkie.. I can spend hours watching videos. & I love BookTube. For those of you living under a rock…BookTube is a community of people all over the world who make videos about books and put them on YouTube. They post Reviews, tags, recommendations, hauls… discussions.. etc. For example.. check out the video below.. I love KatyTastic.. she is one of my favorite BookTubers to watch.
  8. Pick up a short book
    Short books are amazing!!! Depending on how fast you read, you can finish half a book within an hour or two.. and since you’re already halfway there you mind as well finish it right???
  9. Watch a TV show
    Sometimes you just need a break from books.. and thats TOTALLY okay. Put down the books and binge watch the telly. I’m currently obsessed with Greys Anatomy.. Re watching the series with my mom.
  10. Create Fan Art
    If you are a creative being like myself then you understand the need to create art. As artist we tend to create what inspires us.. what we love….what we feel passion for…and books are a huge part of our lives. So create Fan Art.. whether it be a painting, a sketch, a photograph, sculpture,  T Shirt… whatever you feel like creating.. just do it. Take all the feels and make them into something beautiful.
  11. Read fan fiction
    Fan fiction can be really amazing but it can also be really bad. Either way it puts you back into that world and reminds you of all the reasons why you love it.
  12. Reading Location
    Switch up where you read. I tend to read at home in my bed or on this rocking chair I have. Sometimes I need a breath of fresh air…A Park, A Coffee Shop, on top of a hill after a hike, In the Bath Tub… The possibilities are endless.. find a different reading spot.
  13. Step away from books
    I think its safe to say books have a special place in our hearts. They will always be there for us. Sometimes we need to step away from them and make our own adventures. & There is nothing wrong with that. Remember that we have a life to live….we should take what we’ve learned from our books and apply them to our own lives. Our books will always be there when we get back.
  14. Attend book event
    Google search book events in your area. Festivals, Book Signings, Premieres, Mall Tours, Book Clubs, book themed parties or activities etc.. I have made so many memories going to events like these.. but the best part is making friends. These are people who understand your obsession and love with these characters and these stories.. no one else will understand but them.. make friends.. do not be shy.. they will not judge you.
  15. Hang out with Fangirls/Boy
    As I mentioned in the last point… Fangirl/Boy friends understand you. They do not judge. You become instant friends because you have that one Fandom in common. So find some Fangirl/boy Friends in your area and just hang out. Fangirls/boy do not need much to have fun. Grab some ice cream or starbucks and just chill…Trust…Fangirls/boys never run out of things to talk about. ;) Plus… They have great book recommendations that will help you get out of that slump.
  16. Set daily goals
    There comes a time when we are just plain lazy. Picking up a book feels like so much work… Its times like this where we need to set up some goals. You know you best so set up daily goals and complete them. whether its 10 pages or 80 pages a day…just push yourself to complete that daily goal. Also.. Use Memes like this to help you. ;)

  17. Visit book store
    What better place to fall back in love with reading than a book store? So many options…new arrivals…they also  have displays to fit your preference. Spend some time in the book store..grab a cup of coffee and just roam around taking in all the possibilities.  Used book stores are super awesome as well.. Cheap books are the best.
  18. Library
    If you are a poor folk like me or are strictly on a budget…the Library is your best friend. Free books are amazing…now.. if you are one of those people who have a horrible relationship with the library and you owe them a pretty penny.. I would recommend borrowing ebooks. every library should have that option.. I have a Los Angeles Public Library Card and OMG its the best thing EVER!!! I have checked out quite a few Ebooks and Audiobooks. You can also check out movies.. which Is pretty damn cool. Basically you just need an e reader or computer and the library has a program or app that allows you to listen, read, watch for a few weeks and then it automatically takes the book back once it expires. Its brilliant. You should try it.
  19. There is No time limit
    Its not a race. Remember that there is no time limit. Everyone reads at a different speed. As long as you are reading that is all that matters. Do not frustrate yourself because you cannot read 200 books a year…there is only a few who can… also.. do not hate on the ones who can read 200 books year… that rude…we are all reading and that is most important.
  20. Reading is a hobby
    Reading is not a competition. Remember that it is something we all love. Once you stop loving it.. once you stop being passionate about it… there is no joy in reading. & then what is the point at all??


I hope these tips  help you out of that slump.. If you have anymore tips please share them in the comments below.
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Los Angeles Time Festival of Books Day 2 #BookChella + Giveaway!!!

Day 2 of #BookChella.. I didn’t film much the second day because it was insane & there was a lot of running around happening. Watch #BookChella Day 1 HERE
Pee.s Ignore my Hermione/Hagrid hair.

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Los Angeles Times Festival of Books #BookChella Day 1

This past weekend I went to Festival of Books with my fangirl friends! & It was a blast!
I filmed the whole weekend so you can join me on my adventure.. Here is day 1.
Pee.s Ignore my Hermione/Hagrid hair.

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Event Recap: Ava Dellaira’s Love Letters To the Dead Launch

Hey Guys.. so this past Tuesday I had the honor of meeting Ava Dellaira at Barnes & Nobel for her Debut book launch!  Sara sent me a text a few hours before the event asking me to join her on this little adventure.. and of course I said yes! I had already read Love Letters To The Dead, & I LOVE IT so I was looking forward to meeting Ava & telling her how much I enjoyed her novel…& also seeing Stephen Chbosky for the second time since he was in conversation with Ava..

We arrived quite early and sat front & center. #Win Finally Ava & Stephen Chbosky stepped on stage and Stephen introduced Ava. They actually met when Stephen was working on the set of Perks of Being a Wallflower. He needed some help and interviewed a few people and Ava was the one he chose. She was in LA in hopes of becoming a Screenwriter so while she was helping Stephen she got up the courage to share some of her work with him and he said she should write a book… & the more she thought about it.. the more it appealed to her and a few years later… she has written and published her first novel… Love Letters to the Dead.. & I must say its fucking brilliant.. so you should go read it..Also you can read my non spoiler review here.

So after Stephen Introduced Ava she read one of the letters Laurel wrote to Kurt Cobain. My lovely friend Sara recorded Ava reading & included it in her Vlog Recap of the event.. so you can watch it below. ;) Ava’s reading starts at 8:15.

So I am one of those people that kind of take in all their surroundings and Stephen was actually sitting two chairs to my left…and as Ava was reading.. I noticed Stephen had closed his eyes and held his hands together..100% taking in every word Ava was reading.. It was such a beautiful sight.. to see Stephen close everything out and focus on Ava speak. He was so proud and you can tell he really believes in Ava and this book.
Ava was quite nervous as I’m sure you can notice in the video but it was so refreshing to see her react to our reactions if that makes any sense.

After the reading there was a quick Q&A and then signings. Like Sara mentioned in her video we introduced ourselves to Ava and told her we were the main bloggers for Ontario Teen Book Fest and we gave her our cards.. bahahah and she recognized my blog!!! #WINNING!!! I told her that I read her book already and Stephen was like WHAT??? I told them I received an EArc and that I LOVED it.. I went on and told her that it was so beautiful and it touched my heart and then I started tearing up.. because this is what happens when I start thinking about beautiful books.. and before I started crying I changed the subject bahahah.

Before we left I asked if we could take a photo.. because who doesn’t want a photo with Stephen Chbosky and Ava Dellaira?

This was a really great event. I think this was the first time I met a Debut Author and she was so humble and kind. Make sure to pick up Love Letters To The Dead.. you won’t regret it. One of my favorite books I read this year.


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