Los Angeles Time Festival of Books #BookChella Day 1

This past weekend I went to Festival of Books with my fangirl friends! & It was a blast!
I filmed the whole weekend so you can join me on my adventure.. Here is day 1.
Pee.s Ignore my Hermione/Hagrid hair.

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Come back for day 2.

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Event Recap: Ava Dellaira’s Love Letters To the Dead Launch

Hey Guys.. so this past Tuesday I had the honor of meeting Ava Dellaira at Barnes & Nobel for her Debut book launch!  Sara sent me a text a few hours before the event asking me to join her on this little adventure.. and of course I said yes! I had already read Love Letters To The Dead, & I LOVE IT so I was looking forward to meeting Ava & telling her how much I enjoyed her novel…& also seeing Stephen Chbosky for the second time since he was in conversation with Ava..

We arrived quite early and sat front & center. #Win Finally Ava & Stephen Chbosky stepped on stage and Stephen introduced Ava. They actually met when Stephen was working on the set of Perks of Being a Wallflower. He needed some help and interviewed a few people and Ava was the one he chose. She was in LA in hopes of becoming a Screenwriter so while she was helping Stephen she got up the courage to share some of her work with him and he said she should write a book… & the more she thought about it.. the more it appealed to her and a few years later… she has written and published her first novel… Love Letters to the Dead.. & I must say its fucking brilliant.. so you should go read it..Also you can read my non spoiler review here.

So after Stephen Introduced Ava she read one of the letters Laurel wrote to Kurt Cobain. My lovely friend Sara recorded Ava reading & included it in her Vlog Recap of the event.. so you can watch it below. ;) Ava’s reading starts at 8:15.

So I am one of those people that kind of take in all their surroundings and Stephen was actually sitting two chairs to my left…and as Ava was reading.. I noticed Stephen had closed his eyes and held his hands together..100% taking in every word Ava was reading.. It was such a beautiful sight.. to see Stephen close everything out and focus on Ava speak. He was so proud and you can tell he really believes in Ava and this book.
Ava was quite nervous as I’m sure you can notice in the video but it was so refreshing to see her react to our reactions if that makes any sense.

After the reading there was a quick Q&A and then signings. Like Sara mentioned in her video we introduced ourselves to Ava and told her we were the main bloggers for Ontario Teen Book Fest and we gave her our cards.. bahahah and she recognized my blog!!! #WINNING!!! I told her that I read her book already and Stephen was like WHAT??? I told them I received an EArc and that I LOVED it.. I went on and told her that it was so beautiful and it touched my heart and then I started tearing up.. because this is what happens when I start thinking about beautiful books.. and before I started crying I changed the subject bahahah.

Before we left I asked if we could take a photo.. because who doesn’t want a photo with Stephen Chbosky and Ava Dellaira?

This was a really great event. I think this was the first time I met a Debut Author and she was so humble and kind. Make sure to pick up Love Letters To The Dead.. you won’t regret it. One of my favorite books I read this year.


Birthday Book Haul!!!!

Hey Lovelies!
So I got a lot of books and fandom gifts for my birthday and well.. I was just too damn lazy to write a blog post about it.. so I recorded this really awkward video instead. Enjoy my face.. and my strange self… ;))) Also.. let me know if you want me to do more videos???  I don’t think I will be reviewing books on youtube… mostly because I really love taking the time to type out all my feelings and being ridiculous and adding all the hilarious gifs.. but I can probably do more Hauls and Follow me around vlogs for events I attend and BOOK TAGS!! YES?? YES???? Ok.. here’s my face ;)

Yea… and that was my birthday haul.. you know what I mean?? I hope I wasn’t too awkward for ya’ll.  lol Share in the comments what books you’ve purchased this past month. ;)


Pasadena Teen Book Festival Blog Tour + Intervew with Jesse Andrews

Hey Beautiful Readers! I am so ecstatic to be apart of this years Pasadena Teen Book Festival blog tour. Below you can learn more about the festival, My Interview with Jesse Andrews Author of Me & Earl & The Dying Girl and a few Giveaways! If you are in Southern California.. You do NOT want to miss this event!

Event date: Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 12pm-4pm
Venue: Pasadena Public Library, 285 E Walnut St, Pasadena, CA 91101
Free eventTickets at Eventbrite
More informationGrab a Badge
Presented by Pasadena Public Library and Bridge to Books
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T-Shirt sign-ups at CustomInk

Tour Schedule

Tue March 25 – Read Now Sleep Later – Spotlight on Catherine Linka
Mon March 31 – The Windy Pages – Spotlight on Gretchen McNeil and Holly Goldberg Sloan
Wed April 2 – FangirlFeeels – Spotlight on Jesse Andrews
Fri April 4 – What a Nerd Girl Says – Spotlight on Margaret Stohl
Mon April 7th – What a Nerd Girl Says – Spotlight on Andrew Smith
Tue April 8 – Adventures of a Book Junkie – Spotlight on Amy Tintera
Thu April 10 – The Consummate Reader – Bridge to Books Guest Post
Mon April 14 – Nite Lite Book Reviews – Spotlight on Sarah Skilton
Tue April 15 – Nite Lite Book Reviews – Spotlight on Allen Zadoff
Wed April 16 – The Reader’s Antidote – Spotlight on Elizabeth Ross
Fri April 18 – A Bookish Escape – Spotlight on Ann Redisch Stampler
Tue April 22 – The Book Twins – Spotlight on Carrie Arcos
Thu April 24 – Birth of a New Witch – Spotlight on Katherine Ewell

About Jesse Andrews

Jesse Andrews is a writer, musician, and screenwriter. His debut novel, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, is a World Book Night 2014 selection; a film adaptation is currently in development.
Me and Earl and The Dying Girl (Harry N. Abrams, 2012)
Greg Gaines is the last master of high school espionage, able to disappear at will into any social environment. He has only one friend, Earl, and together they spend their time making movies, their own incomprehensible versions of Coppola and Herzog cult classics.Until Greg’s mother forces him to rekindle his childhood friendship with Rachel.Rachel has been diagnosed with leukemia—-cue extreme adolescent awkwardness—-but a parental mandate has been issued and must be obeyed. When Rachel stops treatment, Greg and Earl decide the thing to do is to make a film for her, which turns into the Worst Film Ever Made and becomes a turning point in each of their lives. And all at once Greg must abandon invisibility and stand in the spotlight.
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Interview With Jesse Andrews

S: What was the Inspiration for Me & Earl &The Dying Girl? Why this story? 

J: So it turns out there are a lot of books out there in which a teenage girl gets cancer. And it’s this tragic gutting thing in which she, and the people around her, and I guess the cancer too, all collectively come to be this kind of fountain of wisdom and awareness and radiant insightfulness, through an alchemy that you find a lot in books (cancer-related and otherwise), that makes beauty out of loss. And I’m not saying that never happens, or that that’s not a positive kind of story to put into the world—but I just sort of feel like it’s good to have a book where that alchemy doesn’t happen, and the loss is a loss, and you can try to make sense of it and learn from it, but it doesn’t take the form of a brilliant comet streaking across the sky, illuminating the world below. It’s just a star winking out.

(That is the answer that I generally give to that question. What it is missing is the embarrassing fact that I have never read any of the books about girls with cancer that I am vaguely alluding to. Not even one! I am a fraud.)

S: I really appreciate that your characters were so upfront & honest about their thoughts…why was it important to keep them so raw and genuine? 

J: Thank you for that characterization. That is definitely what I was hoping to achieve, at least a little bit. To me, the most miraculous part of reading fiction is getting to be someone else for a while, and the realer that character is, the fuller that experience. So I felt that that rawness and sometimes-(always-)embarrassing honesty was a path toward that realism.

S: Most books about cancer are glamorized with romance but Me & Earl & The Dying Girl is not…why was it necessary to ignore this trend?

J: Why does no one think this book is romantic?! There are like a hundred references to boners in there!!

I just wanted to do something unexpected and different. The expectation is always that if you have a guy and a girl, they have to fall in love. I wanted to see if you could make a good story where they don’t.

 S: When I read Me & Earl & The Dying Girl the first time I could not stop laughing… some things were quite ridiculous & I kept sending quotes to my best friend urging him to read the book. Although Me & Earl & The Dying Girl can be quite hilarious it is not overbearing.. it balances out nicely. How were you able to find that balance? 

J: Again, thank you. I don’t know if everyone would agree with you that it’s a well-balanced book—I think that there were a lot of places where a passage of characterization or dialogue became an exercise for me of What Is The Funniest Possible Thing That I Can Put Here Without These People Becoming Ridiculous Cartoon People. So maybe that’s the act of balance that you’re talking about? But that’s probably giving me too much credit.

S: What is the one thing you want your readers to take away after reading your book?

J: The deep and proper answer to this question is: bad things happen, and it’s okay if it’s difficult for you to make sense of them—you shouldn’t feel like the lessons to draw from a bad thing should be obvious, or uncomplicated, or uncontradictory.

But the more honest answer is: whichever part you thought was the funniest. That is actually the part I am hoping you think of when you think of my book. Because I am a joke slut.

S: Your About Me Profile says “Jesse Andrews, Novelist, Musician & Screenwriter”…of these three…. which do you enjoy most? 

J:That’s sort of an impossible question—they all play different roles in my life right now. I think novels will always be where I make my creative home. But if we can indulge this metaphor of living in certain places, creatively, then somehow I recently managed to get a pied-a-terre in films, and I have very quickly acquired a deep-tissue love for that place—it just fires my imagination in ways that I hadn’t experienced before. And also the weather and food are both incredible. Because films are not just where I’ve been living figuratively; they are also a literal place called Los Angeles. And if we’re extending this increasingly blurry, doofy metaphor, music for me is some place in Europe where I lived for a while, a combination of Spain and Germany, and I was deliriously happy there but it was a bittersweet happiness because I could never overcome the gnawing hollowing truth that these were not my people, and this was not my world, and never would be, and so eventually I had to leave. Or maybe was deported.

S: I just found out that Me & Earl & The Dying Girl is in works to be a movie…which by the way I’m freaking excited about…Can you say anything about how the Movie adaptation is progressing? 

J: I mean—I don’t want to jinx things. But at every step this process has been blessed. It began with my fairy-godmother-like agent Anna DeRoy setting me up with Dan Fogelman, who mentored me through the writing of the script (Dan Fogelman!!, who it turns out is not just a brilliant writer but also the kindest wisest funniest teacher anyone has ever had, which is just grossly unfair); then there was a bunch of thoughtful and insightful development at Indian Paintbrush, the company that’s making the film; then we had an embarrassment of riches in terms of directors who wanted to direct, culminating in us getting Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, whom I have difficulty talking about without sounding like an infatuated tween; then, most recently, we’ve had a second even-more-embarrassing embarrassment of riches in terms of the actors who’ve auditioned.

I’ve really just been a spectator for that process—I have no casting experience—but what I do know is

1) the actors who are going to be in this movie are, again quite literally, amazing; and

2) it is really wrenching that we can’t make, say, four of this movie with four sets of Gregs and Rachels and Earls, because the actors who aren’t going to be in this movie are also monstrously talented and I wish we could hoard them all so only we get them and not other movies.

Anyway, there are no fixed plans for production at this time, but the tentative plan is to shoot this summer and release sometime in 2015. But that’s tentative and a lot can change.

S: what are you working on next?

J: I have a few exciting things on my desk that unfortunately I have to be kind of cryptic about—a second YA book, which I intend to finish this year; a script I’m finishing that a (legendary) author/screenwriter/director/fellow Pittsburgher is mentoring me to direct (!!); and another film adaptation of a YA book, where the contract is still being hammered out so we can’t announce it yet.

S: Some fun questions just for the hell of it…

S: Which book do you wished you had when you were a teen?

J: Any kind of girl-related manual.

S: Who is your OTP?

If we’re sticking to literature then I don’t have a great answer for this, but if I can branch out to TV: Coach and Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights.

**Sylvia is Fangirling so hard right now. LOVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!**

S: Because my blog name is FangirlFeeels… Which Book Made you feel the most emotion?

J: Probably The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, where the emotion in question is “bleak”

S: & last question Who is your fictional crush? 

J: Does anyone ever not say Anna Karenina?


#1: ARC of A Girl Called Fearless
Winner may request personalization/autograph
Open to US residents only – ends 4/25/2014
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#2: Choose from 1 of the books featured at the Pasadena Teen Book Festival
Winner may request personalization/autograph
Open to US residents only – ends 4/25/2014
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#3: $50 Gift Card to Vroman’s Bookstore
Open to attendees of the Pasadena Book Festival only! – ends 4/21/2014
To enter, suggest a new, unique/clever/fun name for the Pasadena Teen Book Festival. Examples of other cool names for teen book fests include (already taken, unfortunately) Teen Author Carnival, YALLFest, and YABFest. What should we call our event from now on? Email your top 3 best name suggestions to info@pasadenateenbookfest.com OR fill out this form! A panel of judges will choose the best name from all of the submissions. The winner will be announced at the Festival!

I hope you all enjoyed this Post as much as I did…Make sure to follow the Blog Tour & hopefully I will see some of you at the Event!!! ;))


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